About Us

Gyana is a London based startup making technology to democratize data science. Our flagship tool GYANA helps anyone become a data scientist in a few clicks.

Since 2016, Gyana has been at the forefront of demystifying deep tech with no-code platforms.

We’re facilitating data insight and clarity for millions of people across the globe, ushering in a new era of citizen data science.

Our Mission

At Gyana, we believe you should have access to the insights buried deep in your data, but there are often things standing in the way.


The path to insight is often full of hurdles like time, money, and resources, so we wanted to level the playing field. That’s why we set out to democratize data with powerful, intuitive tools like GYANA.
Gyana helps non-technical knowledge workers like you do technical things with ease.


No longer is data science solely for data scientists. With GYANA it’s for everyone. It’s for you.


Cleaning data is no longer a chore, analyzing it takes a few minutes, and reporting has never been easier.
We’ve removed the barrier of entry to big data and artificial intelligence so you can uncover the insights your data holds and unleash your potential.
Become a citizen data scientist with Gyana.

Interested in joining?

We're currently hiring talented engineers.