The Show Must Be Paused

Gyana • 2 June 2020

Today, Gyana are showing solidarity by participating in #TheShowMustBePaused, intentionally disrupting the working week to take a stand for an honest, reflective and productive conversation.

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Sentiment analysis in under two minutes with no coding!

Gyana • 19 May 2020

Learn how to run a sentiment analysis in under two minutes with VAYU, the no-code data science notebook!

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Why is the COVID-19 R0 value so important for UK student debt?

Miles Rowbottom • 19 May 2020

R0 is quickly becoming a key buzzword during the ongoing pandemic. But how is it linked to student debt and the size of your laptop?

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Why do approval ratings rise in times of crisis?

Miles Rowbottom • 12 May 2020

We looked at the rise in approval ratings around times of crisis to understand why it’s happening again.

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Is COVID-19 just another disease?

Miles Rowbottom • 19 April 2020

We used VAYU to compare COVID-19 to its contagious counterparts, Malaria, Smallpox, and Rabies.

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Gyana’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Gyana • 9 April 2020

Gyana has been actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation around the globe for several weeks.

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What impact is coronavirus having on the food industry?

Gyana • 31 March 2020

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have suffered. We looked at the data with VAYU.

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Data leads to insight and insight leads to knowledge

Gyana • 24 March 2020

35% of our users have explored Covid-19 related data. Why? Because they want clarity, and we can give that to them.

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Bridge the skills gap with no-code platforms

Gyana • 17 March 2020

No-code platforms are a cost-effective, quick way to bridge the skills gap and empower your workforce.

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What is the coronavirus data really telling us?

Gyana • 11 March 2020

We explored coronavirus data using VAYU, the no-code data notebook. This is what we found.

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