WHITE PAPER: What is no-code and why is it important?

Gyana • 27 February 2020

In our latest white paper, we explore the history of no-code, its renaissance, and what the future might bring.

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How no-code is the bicycle to become a data scientist

David Kell • 17 January 2020

Why we decided to build a no-code notebook with the objective of empowering anyone to become Citizen Data Scientists.

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Our CEO Joyeeta Das looks back on 2018

Joyeeta Das • 8 January 2019

Between mentorship and reading inspiring books, Joyeeta Das will give us a personal glimpse of her 2018 and what to expect in 2019.

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Meet the CFO: Step into the shoes of Andrew Li

Gyana • 28 March 2018

Andrew Li is a founding team member of Gyana. He holds the position of CFO and manages the company finances.

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Meet the CTO: From philosopher to data scientist

Gyana • 15 March 2018

David Kell, CTO and co-founder, shares his journey into tech and his thoughts on the future.

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Diversity and skill-set loss

Joyeeta Das • 14 January 2018

When we forget diversity, we forget the potential locked away in brains that could have brought us immense value

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Gyana CEO’s resolutions for 2018

Joyeeta Das • 21 December 2017

Joyeeta Das, CEO and co-founder of Gyana, reflects on the past year and shares her resolutions for 2018.

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Spot the difference? How to hire a data scientist

Joyeeta Das • 19 September 2017

How do you hire a data scientist? Tough question, eh!

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