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London / Remote

Gyana is looking for some super-stars to help us scale our no-code data analytics tool. The opportunity is a product-focused data engineer who is confident across with the Python data analytics ecosystem and working with cloud technologies.

About Gyana

We've built a no-code web application that empowers anybody to be a data analyst, without any training at all.

Our market is the one billion knowledge workers who are currently stuck using spreadsheet applications, in a world that is increasingly data-driven. Our users ("Gyanees") are able to self-serve insights and collaborate on beautiful, data-driven reports without any SQL or python.

You can read more in our recent TechCrunch article and about our previous acquisition.

The Role

You will be working on an existing market-validated product, with a prioritised backlog of issues groomed and ready for you to hit the ground running from your day one.

To begin with, your day-to-day will be working through this backlog. However, you’ll be growing into a leadership role from day one, working in close quarters alongside the CTO, product designer, software engineers and data analysts team to build a new kind of user experience for data analytics.

You’ll be integral to our ability to meet the requirements of product scale-up, and your technical and product contributions will profoundly influence the direction the product takes in the long-term. Passion for what Gyana is aiming to achieve will go a long way.

Engineering at Gyana

Our backend is mainly written in Python with Flask, backed by PostgreSQL. There is a separate computation backend that handles all the data analytics, based on Python and Apache Arrow. The frontend is written in React, Typescript and Nextjs.

Our entire infrastructure is hosted on Google Cloud, with a Kubernetes cluster to deploy main applications and services. Our CI/CD follows GitOps principles, and all our configurations and pipelines are stored in git repos on Gitlab, and managed via Gitlab CI/CD. We use pulumi (Terraform) to manage infrastructure changes and deployments.

All product changes go through testing, code review and shareable review apps. We are building out a component library to keep design consistent across the platform, and we have a dedicated designer.

We've built an engineering culture focused around collaboration, continuous delivery and motivated individuals.


You look like someone who definitely:

  • Has strong experience with Python
  • Has strong experience with the Python data analytics ecosystem (numpy, pandas, pyarrow, ...)
  • Has built end to end data pipelines with any technology stack
  • Has an understanding of the performance bottlenecks in Python data analytics applications (e.g. GIL, vectorised execution)
  • Has at least 2-3 years commercial engineering experience
  • Is able to work constructively alongside a Product Owner
  • Has a desire to work in an early-stage startup, with everything this implies
  • Enjoys small teams and big ambitions
  • Enjoys the pressure of responsibility and the responsibility of autonomy
  • Is passionate about product (maybe even entrepreneurial?)
  • Has an interest for data and data analytics

And maybe even has (for bonus points!):

  • Has first hand experience working with Google Cloud
  • Has worked with a Python web framework (e.g. Flask, Django)
  • Has deployed applications on Kubernetes or used infrastructure as code tools (e.g. Terraform)
  • Has experience with C++ or Cython for accelerating performance critical code
  • Early-stage startup experience

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