Build a single source of truth

Integrate data from all your files, databases and services. Self-serve data that is always available, reliable and up to date.


Discover deep insights, without writing code

GYANA uncovers the business-changing insights in your data. Use the same tools as data scientists, but without writing any code.


Make data-driven decisions, every day

GYANA empowers everyone in your team to use data in their work. Break down silos, share knowledge and unlock the potential of collaboration.

Join 850 companies using GYANA

GYANA makes complex data tasks a breeze.

Become data-driven, today

GYANA replaces hundreds of tools with a single, affordable subscription. Stop building your data stack, and start getting insights.

Integrate with all your tools and databases

GYANA has native connections with popular services, databases and file formats.

Fast, flexible and scalable insights

GYANA has a toolbox of data science features, from summary statistics to no-code SQL. All at lightning speed and 1000x the scale of Excel.

Built for collaboration

Team members collaborate on the same data, with the security of the cloud. Work in real-time on insights, reports and dashboards.

Pricing that scales with you

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Not just limited to data from your PC, you can also connect GYANA via an expanding range of Connectors