The next chapter of Gyana

A huge thank you 🙌 to the 1,500 people who have used Gyana. Your feedback and insights continue to be amazing, we're learning so much.

Over the last few months, we've rebuilt 🏗️ Gyana to deliver, what we think, is the ideal no-code data analytics experience.

Gyana 2.0 is live! Existing customers get immediate access, and we'll be onboarding new users from November. 🚀

What's included in Gyana 2.0?

It starts with a new tool, built around your feedback. But more than that, Gyana 2.0 is your journey to become a no-code data analyst.

New features

Use projects to separate internal and client work.

150 integrations by the end of the year, with native Google Sheets.

A visual editor for workflows with 100% SQL coverage.

An easy dashboard builder with shareable links, CNAMEs and embeds.

“Who would have thought a data science app for reports would end up here on AS [AppSumo]. Its an absolute grab it now opportunity.”

Workflows feature

Learning experience

Out-of-the-box templates to plug-in your own data.

Video walkthroughs and tutorials.

A detailed knowledge base with explanations of every feature.

“I truly found this hidden diamond. The Data contains so many connectors, including GSheet, Asana, Facebook etc. - one of the most comprehensive I saw. And you can also easily transform data using the Tables (imagining Power Query with a simpler interface).”

Workflows app screenshot

Data analytics community

A Facebook group with 380+ members, growing daily.

Same day support from the Gyana team.

A public product roadmap, voted on by you.

“[They're] very interested in listening to customers and making their product match the needs of their customers, and just very professional people. I really enjoyed talking to them and believe in their leadership in this company.”

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