Make lasting data-driven decisions

Whether you’re in marketing, consulting, or communications, GYANA enables anyone to dig deeper into their data.

Intuitive data wrangling

Transform and clean data with prebuilt functions, queries and formulas. Simply build your drag and drop formula and let our AI do the work.

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Powerful no-code AI

Leverage text analysis to understand your audience. Instantly analyze the sentiment of reviews, feedback, and user interactions.

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End-to-end reporting

Give your data a narrative to effectively communicate your analysis. Bring your data to life with one-click visualizations and integrated tables.

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Understand your customers with intelligent, AI-powered text analysis

Map your supply chain risk and visualize suppliers at high risk of disruption

Analyze SKU by category and visualize performance in reactive and repeatable dashboards

Detect industry trends with our “no-training” advanced analysis

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