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Max Haining

dimitar.dzhenkov • 9 November 2020

Is data science truly hot or what?

admin • 31 July 2020

On 17th July, Gyana held a special online event, SAMSARA Summer Splash. Our special guest moderator, Nigel Morris of the Guardian Media Group, chaired the second panel at SAMSARA Summer Splash. To discuss the importance of data, and whether it’s just a hyped-up idea or an absolute imperative for organizations, Nigel was joined by Jeremy Levine, […]

How does data science work in action?

admin • 28 July 2020

On 17th July, Gyana held a special online event, SAMSARA Summer Splash. Gyana CTO & Co-founder David Kell invited six leading data practitioners to discuss how data science is applicable for organizations across many different sectors. David was joined by Jaikumar Ganesh, director of engineering at Uber AI; Candice Ren, co-founder of 173Tech and ex-head of […]

Biz Stone

admin • 27 July 2020

On 17th July, Gyana held a special online event, SAMSARA Summer Splash. To get the online event underway, Gyana CEO & Co-founder Joyeeta Das was joined by Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter and Medium. Drawing on examples from Biz’s long and storied career, the pair discuss what excites them both in business, his work as an […]

Husayn Kassai – Onfido

admin • 28 May 2020

In this episode, Joyeeta is joined by Husayn Kassai, CEO and co-founder of Onfido, a London-based startup helping businesses verify identities using AI. Husayn talks about his tips for overcoming infomania, fundraising advice for founders, the importance of developing a long term strategy, how his upbringing has shaped his entrepreneurial spirit, and his own vision […]

Candice Ren – 173TECH

admin • 24 May 2020

In this episode, Joyeeta is joined by Candice Ren, co-founder of 173TECH, an analytics consultancy that helps startups of all stages. Candice talks about finding a North Star, a beacon which you can follow in order to grow and succeed in both your professional and personal life, and also discusses her passion for life-long learning, […]

Erik Mostenicky – Eight Roads

admin • 13 May 2020

Erik is an investment professional working across the FinTech, Tech and Financial Services sectors. With Eight Roads, Erik has developed a strong portfolio of leading-edge companies at varying stages. In this episode, Erik discusses his early days as a nightclub owner, his shift towards a career in investment banking and his eventual move towards a […]

Frank Böhmer and Alexander Koenig – Ninox

admin • 10 May 2020

To get season 4 underway, Joyeeta is joined by Ninox co-founders Frank Böhmer and Alexander Koenig. CEO Frank Böhmer talks about Ninox’s early days, touching on the initial struggles he came up against when trying to communicate his ambitions for a no-code solution at a time when the idea was somewhat novel. General Manager Alexander […]

Gyana Insiders: Matt Burgess and Alex Mascolo

admin • 19 April 2020

In the final episode of Season 3, Joyeeta speaks with Matt and Alex, two people with very different roles at Gyana but who share a lot in common. Matt, our design officer, talks about how empathy for the end-user informs his design process, and Alex, Gyana’s software engineer, touches on his transition from philosophy to […]

Gyana Insiders: Andrew Li and Pritesh Kapadia

admin • 19 April 2020

Following on from the previous episode, we speak with two people integral to the very fabric of Gyana. In this episode, Joyeeta chats with CFO Andrew Li and Product Officer Pritesh Kapadia. Andrew talks about his love of adventure and discovery, and how that translates to being a CFO at an award-winning startup, and Pritesh […]