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Data Analytics

Gyana delivers the power of data analytics in a visual interface. Replace your data pipelines, spreadsheets and BI with a single tool.

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Working with data today is frustrating

Every minute you spending messing around with spreadsheets and CSV files is a minute lost to focus on your business.

Repeating the same workflows every week

Manually downloading CSVs from all my web tools

Struggling to get access to the company database

Impossible to get that one chart for your dashboard

Drowning in data but no idea what to do with it

Can't justify the spend on expensive tools

Spending all afternoon making a small change in a script

Overwhelmed with ad hoc data requests from the team

Gyana is single web app for all your data analytics

Integrate all your data into a single source of truth. Build powerful, repeatable workflows with 100% data analytics feature coverage. Deliver flexible dashboards with live data. All collaborative, backed by the power of the cloud.

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Discover the freedom of

No-Code Data Analytics

Gyana manages all the complexity of data analytics for you. Leaving you to focus on delivering value to your customers.

Automate your work

Turn manual processes in automated workflows. Schedule periodic updates and re-purpose work for new clients.

Unify data silos

Build a single store of your ad channels, customer touchpoints and company metrics. Always up to date.

Manage your clients

Assign separate clients to isolated workspaces. Share view only links to dashboards.

Empower your team

Turn ad hoc requests into repeatable solutions you can hand off to your team. Decentralize your expertise.

Pay for what you use

Our transparent pricing model scales with data usage, not users. Because you shouldn't have to pay to collaborate.

Scale to big data

Data processing happens in the cloud, not your local machine. No need to worry about spreadsheet row limits or overheated laptops.

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A modern data analytics tool

Gyana was built from scratch for the modern world of work. Web-first, cloud-hosted, in-built collaboration and designed for remote. Just like you'd expect.

Integrate all your data

One-click connections to 20+ popular files, apps and databases, with more added every month. Get access to the raw data, always up to date.

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Automate everything with workflows

Our no-code drag-n-drop workflow editor has all the common features you'd expect from SQL, pandas or R. Build your analysis pipeline once, and tweak for future projects.

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Easy to build dashboards

Choose from a variety of flexible visualizations and connect to any data. Schedule daily updates, add interactive filters and share with your clients and collaborators.

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Discover no-code data analytics and become the hero your organisation needs.

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