* yes, we really mean any!

Build custom reports for any* source.

Stop wrestling with manual exports, #N/A nightmares and stale data. Start delivering insights that move your business forward.

Turn your Google Analytics data into this

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Trusted by 2,000+ customers, from small businesses to global enterprises.

Unified reporting for $99/mo

You can build a completely custom report for your business, without jumping between tools or hiring expensive engineers. All in three simple steps.


Connect your sources

Connect to most popular online sources out of the box, including apps, databases, webhooks and APIs. Need something custom? We can integrate any new source in 2 weeks.

100+ native integrations • 2B+ rows synced

Learn about integrations
Choose your sources

No more downloading CSVs every week


Prepare your data

Our visual editor makes it easy. Connect data processing steps like Filter Join Formula and watch as automation does all the heavy lifting for you. Your workflows can be as simple or as complex as you design them.

19 nodes • 74 functions • Unlimited flexibility

Explore our workflow nodes

Say goodbye to #N/A, #REF and friends


Build your report

It's like making a presentation, but with live data sources that never break. Drag and drop widgets like Pie Funnel Embed , customize your theme and share branded links.

27 widgets • Freeform canvas • Zero constraints

Customize your report

Give your browser tabs a holiday


Save time. Delight your stakeholders.

Gyana automates the boring parts of building and maintaining reports. You'll have more time to learn from stakeholders, and discover those key insights that make you rethink everything.

10x Faster to build and iterate How do I change this data source?

Zero Time spent in maintenance Why is this chart broken (again)?

100% Explicit flow of data from source to chart (1 year later) How did we build that?

Designed to scale

Gyana was designed to help you manage reporting for multiple clients. You'll be able to automate the generic stuff, but with tailored insights where it matters.

No more details dropped or missed deadlines

Account management

Manage each client in separate, secure workspaces. Team collaboration with granular permissions for your analysts.


Your own portal

Design a reporting experience that feels like an extension of your website. Themes, whitelabeling, embeds and custom domains.

Reusable templates

You can copy & paste the entire report, and change the data sources. No matter how complex, it will all just work.


It's like mission control for report health. Spot issues early, identify the root cause and fix it fast. No more silently broken charts.

“Gyana as a data manipulation tool is super powerful. We are currently using industry leading tools like Supermetrics and Google Data Studio, but are always faced with fixing breaks whenever we make changes to our reporting workflow. Gyana gives us the flexibility to add new connectors, new channels and pull reports all in one place.”

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