Our mission

Data infrastructure for every organisation 🏗️👷

Data is the core of modern organisations.

Yet while large companies can afford to spend $$$ on cloud technologies, the rest of us are stuck with spreadsheets. 😭

This is the problem we're solving. Our master plan:

  1. Build the world's best data stack
  2. Wrap it in a no-code box 🎁
  3. Share it with everyone at an affordable price

We believe every individual should have access to data.

That's it! And try to fun have along the way 😊


We love data 🤖

  • Lorraine Chabeda

    Customer success

  • Deepak Shakya


  • Sascha Hofmann

    Data science

  • David Kell


  • Mariusz Zarzycki


  • Pritesh Kapadia



We're hiring 🤗

We believe that diverse teams make better decisions, and we are committed to recruiting a workforce of talented individuals who reflect the broad range of backgrounds from which our customers come.

If you like ownership, want to be part of something meaingful, and are passionate about data, then reach out to us.