We built Gyana to save you time

Only 0.4% of the world can code. The rest of us struggle against the limitations of traditional reporting tools, or wait for weeks on the engineering team. It's frustrating and stops real work happening.

That's why we built Gyana. Gyana is designed for making custom1 reports, for any2 data source, without writing code.

You get the flexibility of code, with the usability of traditional reporting. Whatever report you want to build, you can build it with Gyana, without waiting on someone else.

1 actually custom 2 yes, we really mean any



Traditional reporting


2K+ Customers trust us Our community of no-code data analysts

2B+ Rows of data synced Designed to scale

5+ years ISO 27001 certified The gold standard in security

Our team

We’ve built hundreds of reports

Gyana was founded by graduate students at the University of Oxford. Engineers turned enterpreneurs, co-founders David Kell and Joyeeta Das had a vision to build a product that made it easier for non-technical people to work with data.

We understand what it takes to make a great report. Our reports have driven investment decisions, expansion planning and marketing strategy for the most demanding global enterprises.

Biz Stone

Co-founder, Twitter

Nigel Morris

Board, Guardian Media Group

Luke Appleby

Co-founder, Kontor

Serge Chiaramonte

Angel Investor

Backed by top VCs and angel investors across the US and Europe.



Help us empower the 99.6%

Despite the massive impact of data on our lives, most of us are stuck with spreadsheets and pre-built reports. The lack of high quality, no-code data tools is wasting billions of hours in productivity.

We're solving this problem. We're tackling a unique set of challenges in data, software and design, while supporting thousands of Gyana customers in their journey.

If you enjoy working with motivated peers, collaborating to solve challenging problems, and changing how we work with data, we’d love to hear from you.

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Gyana offers a fun, challenging and fulfilling work environment. We have a diverse team full of interesting, compassionate people that you cannot only trust to perform on the highest level, but also enjoy one of our many socials with. And they go out of their way to make remote working work for me.