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Gyana has integrations for most popular online sources. After a one-time setup, we'll sync your raw data, daily. Need something custom? We can integrate any new source in 2 weeks.

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Square Snowplow Google Analytics 4 PostgreSQL SQL Server RDS Segment Kustomer Instagram Business Twilio DynamoDB Google Ads Help Scout Apple Search Ads Recurly Mixpanel MySQL MySQL RDS Lever Mailchimp Facebook Ads Facebook Pages Facebook Ad Account
Heroku Postgres Height Magento MySQL Asana Amplitude MongoDB QuickBooks Greenhouse Braintree AdRoll Google Cloud PostgreSQL LinkedIn Ad Analytics Shopify Tiktok Ads Magento MySQL RDS Mandrill SendGrid Pipedrive Microsoft Advertising ReCharge WooCommerce Google Analytics
Xero Aurora PostgreSQL Azure PostgreSQL Zendesk Sunshine PrestaShop LinkedIn Company Pages Google Ads (AdWords) Taboola UserVoice Hubspot MariaDB RDS Zendesk Support Spree Commerce SQL Server Stripe OsCommerce Outbrain Webhooks Azure SQL Database Azure MariaDB Salesforce Zendesk Chat
Branch Snapchat Ads YouTube Analytics SurveyMonkey Loaded Commerce Front Twitter Organic Pardot GitHub Google Sheets Intercom MariaDB Aurora MySQL Delighted Pinterest Ads Jira Heap PostgreSQL RDS Azure MySQL Freshdesk Typeform Google Cloud MySQL

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Import data from the applications you use to run your business. Setup your source and start syncing your data in minutes.


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You'll be surprised what you can achieve in 5 minutes with our no-code tools. And no, you don't have to pay for Zapier.


Does your service export to CSV or Excel? Our robust CSV importer is a great for one-off or infrequent jobs.

Google Sheet

Does your service sync to Google Sheets? Our Google Sheet importer will sync new data into Gyana, automatically.


Does your source publish events via a webook? You can deliver all the events into Gyana.

Custom API

Does your service have an API? You can query it and turn it into a table, with flexible configuration including OAuth2.

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Integrate any new source

We're experts in data integration. Whether you have a custom SaaS app, internal API or cloud service, we'll setup a robust integration into Gyana. Did we mention it only takes 2 weeks?

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