March 2021 Update

March 2021


Pritesh Kapadia

Feb. 12, 2021 • 3 min

Welcome, welcome, welcome everyone to the first instalment of Gyana's Monthly Product Update!

You, our amazing users, are growing in number at a fast pace and the time has come for us to keep you up to date with all the changes happening in our app in a more consistent manner. Here we go! 💪

Despite a short February, our engineers implemented more fixes and added features than any previous month in the last year 🚀. A super kudos to Gyana's Tech Team!

App screenshot

Here are the highlights from this first March Product Update:

  • New chart designs: We've completely redesigned our charting library to create beautiful yet professional visualisations. More chart types are coming soon!
  • Faster excel uploads: Many of our users have Excel files they want to upload to Gyana, hence we've worked hard to bring our Excel processing speed on par with CSVs. Excel uploads are now 10 - 20x faster. So a file with 100,000 rows should only take a few seconds, no need to convert your excels into CSVs!
  • New Table design: Another redesign? Yes! Our Tables have not only gotten a complete facelift but will scroll infinitely super fast too.
  • Improved 3 stages linking: We've added simple buttons to take you directly to the next stage of your data journey. Working on an Insight? One-click and it'll be added to a new report. We really mean it when we say "from data to reports in a few clicks" 😉.
  • Search for anything: We've improved our searching capabilities. Even if you've forgotten the name of that report you worked on last year, start typing with what you remember and let our search engine do its magic!


Before leaving you with the complete list of changes, we wanted to let you give a sneaky peek into what's cooking at Gyana. Some highly requested and important features will make their way into Gyana soon:

  • Export your reports as PDF.
  • Easier date filters
  • Multiple workspaces
  • And much more!


Here are all the changes released.


  • Excel range selector can go further than 26 cols
  • Excel setup flakiness
  • Chart labels fixed once formulaAST becomes defined
  • Nested functions working again and MST updating when reference of formula is changed
  • Button default text color
  • Tables showing in Insights Sidebar
  • EditSidebar connector would link to data tab
  • Function description close button to top right cross
  • FunctionPills elliptic overflow
  • Fix Filters popping up at the bottom
  • Fix the overflow with the FormulaIcon overlapping with the Formula
  • Fix overflow of column with spaces in them
  • Fix empty arguments throwing a cant evaluate blank error col_transformer
  • Min height to chart container in Insights


  • Vertical chart UI
  • Search bar on data, insights reports to use the query parameter
  • Introduced multiple worker structure
  • Hide "Map" and "Regression"
  • Improved email verification flow
  • Onboarding modal facelift
  • Copy on Bar chart in Insights ("Scatter" -> "Bar")
  • button paddings in line with designs
  • Fixed icon colors and sixes on upperbars
  • Improve links on data sidebar


  • Fast mode for reading Excel files (10-20x speed increase)
  • FusionCharts charts
  • Timeout statues for engine (currently set to 15 seconds)
  • Onboarding skip
  • Dataset and ConnectorTable download
  • Fuzzy search
  • Dataset, connector, insight, report sorting by created date by default
  • StatusIcon on Datasets and ConnectorTables.


  • "Project" removed

Well, this is it for this month! Have a wonderful March and if you have any questions for us, you can use the chat built into Gyana, or simply reply to this email, or write to

Stay safe!

The Gyana Team