Customer Analytics – Supercharged

Connect and analyse all your customer data seamlessly together, no coding required. A single source of truth for all your customer data questions.


We call it GYANA Customer Data Science – find out more below and come join the revolution

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Join Data without SQL

Connect and join all your customer data using our 20+ live connectors and start answering your questions from a single source of truth, pulling data from Hubspot and Intercom has never been easier.

Easy data cleaning

Apply functions easily to increase the possibilities of using your data further

Connect To Your Data Warehouse

Not just limited to data from your PC, you can also connect GYANA via an expanding range of Connectors

Powerful no-code AI

Use powerful AI for sentiment analysis, topic modelling, and image recognition

Join Data without SQL

Visualise your data with intuitive options like charts, graphs, and maps.

Use Customer Data Science to advantage

Get started on GYANA with a 14 day free trial!