Stripe Reports

How To Build Custom Reports for Stripe

Stripe reports

Do More With Your Stripe Metrics

Break Free From Data Silos

We live in a world of data silos.

With potentially dozens of data sources to track, analyze, and report on - things can quickly turn into a reporting nightmare.

It’s time to set your Stripe data free.

Your Data Can Finally Live Together

Step into a new world of true data harmony.

In just minutes, you can bring your data sources together. And easily extract new, high value insights from combined data sets.

Now your analysis is only limited by your imagination.

Build Reports That Wow Stakeholders

Build reports that will actually make an impact.

Transform your new insights into beautiful, easy to understand reports in just a few clicks.

Or create dashboards with live data feeds that never break.

Get Deeper Insights from Custom Stripe Segments

Today, relying on the generic reports inside the Stripe platform isn’t enough. And piping your data into a rigid template from a 3rd party tool isn’t much better.

With Gyana, not only can you combine Stripe data with any other source. You can also segment and analyze your data in virtually limitless ways. Simply choose from over a dozen pre-built data processors to automagically manipulate your data. Mix and match data processors to your heart’s content.

Uncover hidden insights in your data segments, enrich segments with multiple data sources to see the big picture, or identify totally new segments to unlock new business opportunities.

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Build a Custom Stripe Dashboard in a Few Clicks

The best insights are worthless if you can’t communicate them clearly. Gyana helps you transform your key business and marketing insights into beautiful reports and dashboards in just a few clicks.

You should be focused on finding the meaning in your data, not on tedious reporting tasks. Gyana makes it easy to create and reuse custom report templates - simply copy and paste, and change the data sources you want.

It’s also easy to keep your live dashboards healthy. With automated background monitoring that lets you know if a data source isn’t updating. No more silently broken charts.

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Easy Stripe Export

Exporting Stripe into Gyana has never been easier. With a simple one click set-up, your raw data will be automatically synced daily.

Imagine, all your business, marketing, and ads data - happily living together and regularly synced. Without you lifting a finger.

In addition to Stripe, Gyana has hundreds of pre-built integrations to choose from. And custom integrations are easy to build in just a few minutes with our no code tools (no Zapier required).

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Go Beyond Stripe and Become a Reporting Pro

Power up your Stripe and reporting with Gyana

    • Pull and combine data from any source (we’ll even build the integration if we don’t already have it).
      Uncover new segments and find high value insights others miss with powerful data analysis tools.
      Skip the generic Stripe reports and rigid templates of 3rd party tools, and easily create beautiful custom reports filled with your unique insights.
      Scale your reporting workflow with custom templates, automations, and team collaboration features. Easily reach stakeholders with the insights that matter, and save hours on tedious reporting tasks every week.
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