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Samsara: the Gyana Podcast

Explore a universe of insight with our panel of industry experts, students, data analysts, journalists and thought leaders

Season 6

Data analytics on the frontier

In season 6, we meet the trailblazers who are imagining the future of data analytics - from no-code, advanced analytics and AI.

Season 5

Samsara Summer Splash

On 17th July, Gyana held a special online event, SAMSARA Summer Splash. Joyeeta (CEO), David (CTO) and Nigel Morris (investor) host panels with commercial and technical experts on the need to democratise data analytics.

Season 4

Data analytics at Startups

What is the role of data in startups? Our guests this season share their experiences from all stages of the startup journey.

Season 2

Data analytics in real estate

We learn how data analytics is transforming the world's biggest asset class.